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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Oslob and Samboan, Philippines

Today I went to the waterfalls: Tamalog and Aguinid.

From Boljoon, it cost 30 PHP to get to base of Tamalog falls in Oslob by bus and another 30 PHP to get to the actual falls by motorcycle. Just for perspective, 1 USD is roughly 50 PHP.

I burned my calf on the exhaust pipe getting off the motorcycle at Tamalog Falls.

Going to see the waterfalls was the best decision I made so far in Cebu.

Of the two though, I felt Aguinid was the better one. I think simply because there was more to do at Aguinid than Tamalog.

When you enter Aguinid, which is in Samboan, further south from Oslob, you must pay a "park fee." You are also assigned guides whom you have the option of tipping and typically do. Are the guides useful? I think if you are unathletic then yes. They will hold your things and take pictures for you. But the falls can be explored just as easily without them if you are outdoorsy already.

There is also pressure to move quickly from one fall to another with guides, despite the guides constantly reassuring you to take your time. I guess it's like, if you were a girl and you bring a guy shopping who isn't interested in shopping at all and tells you to take your time; that sort of pressure.

I completely skipped whale sharks. It might have been cool to swim next to large sea creatures but at the end of the day, it just wasn't appealing enough.

When I returned to the hostel, I went to swim in ocean. Near the shore, there was a pier floating so I decided to swim out to it. Two girls decided to join me. It's amazing how quickly the ocean depth changes. The pier couldn't have been more than a few meters away and I walked most of the distance there, but almost as if on a cliff, the floor disappears and all you can see is darkness below.

That night, I had roasted pig for dinner. They killed the pig out back the morning of and prepped it. Dinner was great, if not a bit expensive compared to typical Philippine prices.

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