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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hiking Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Philippines

This morning I went to hike Osmena peak. Not really a large mountain by any means, but it is the largest in Cebu with a nice view of the bay.

From my hostel, it cost me 100 PHP to get to Dalaguete market on a AC bus. Due to the amount of travelers and locals who hike the mountain, all bus drivers should know exactly where to drop you.

From Dalaguete intersection, you need to hire someone to take you to the base, usually a motorcycle. Depending on where you want to get dropped off, it can cost you anywhere from 100-200 pesos. The difference is, if you get dropped off at the marketplace, you have to hike an additional hour to the base of the trail.

The views are not entirely spectacular but it does offer you a glimpse into local life. I personally enjoyed it.

In total, you should not pay more than 300-400 pesos. If you get dropped off at the marketplace, you should only pay around 100. 200 if you get to the trail head. Up to you if you want them to wait for you, but there are tons of drivers waiting to shuttle people back down. If you ask your driver to wait for you at the base of the trail, he might charge you a "waiting" fee so be clear what is being charged.

Osmena peak is an easy hike and offers a great view. From the trailhead, it takes only about half an hour or less to reach the top. I think, if you want a nice hiking experience, you should start at the market, otherwise the Osmena peak hike will be over before you know it.

Additionally, if you do decide to hike from the market, because you pass through the farms, you may be swarmed by children to "guide" you. They are completely unnecessary so if you are going to pay them, it would be more for charity than actual guidance.

After the hike, I went back to hostel, disinfected my leg, and headed north back to Cebu. This time I took a normal bus (non AC). Took three hours.
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