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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

El Nido, Philippines part 1

Woke up 530am this morning to get the early bus up north to El Nido. In a haste, I got onto the wrong bus and spent an additional hour waiting at the terminal. So instead of leaving at 6am I ended up leaving at 7.

To get to El Nido, make your way to the bus terminal in Puerto Princesa. There is only one main terminal. It's a small town. Once there, ignore the van vultures and choose a bus that fits your schedule. Most of the buses there run on set schedules. I personally like Cherry and Roro with a slight preference for Cherry. It should cost just shy of 500 pesos for the trip. The only time I would suggest taking a van is if you have a group of friends. The vans are only slightly more expensive and is direct. If you are traveling alone or with one other person, you might have to wait for hours until the van fills up.

Anyways, I think because of how early it was and possibly because the bus was an "express" bus, we were able to reach El Nido in only 5 hours. Or close to it.

As soon as I arrived I arranged for a bike to pick me up. The ride to the campsite was about half an hour north of el nido proper and although that meant it took me away from all the nightlife, it allowed me access to less crowded beaches.

The campsite I was staying at was immaculate. Everything was clean and the staff were all nice. Facilities were good as well. The name of the campsite was Where2Next.

During check-in I made friends with some other travelers and went with them down to Nacpan beach.

The beach was incredibly beautiful and the water perfect. Unfortunately, I lost my GoPro while swimming in the ocean. In the brief second that I switched hands holding the camera, a mighty wave hit me and ripped the camera from my hand. I tried to chase after it but there was just so much turbulence underwater and sand that visibility was impossible. Add to the chaos that my cheap Philippine googles couldn't keep water out or fit right and you have a recipe for failure.

I spent the next two hours combing the beach looking for my camera but no luck.

Later that night I met the other residents at the camp site and we just spent the night chatting.

Coincidentally, I ran into an old acquaintance there. Yannich the German with his girlfriend and friend.
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