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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour, Philippines

In the morning I was picked up for the Island hopping tour in Honda bay. I paid 1300 pesos.

During the trip, I made new friends: Abed, Maria, and Aureli. They were in the Philippines for humanitarian reasons.

Before we got in the boat, we rented shoes and snorkel gear, which I recommend.

The trip was wonderful. We went to three islands: Luli island, Starfish island, and Cowrie island. I got sunburned.

Like most tours, the islands were crowded by tourist.

Luli Island:

Starfish Island:

Crowie Island:

Lunch was part of the tour. It was buffet style.

When I returned to Puerto Princesa, I made my way to my new, cheaper, hostel Teofila Pension. The hostel has all the amenities as my fancy hotel but at half the price (700 pesos). I was pleased with what I got. The only downside was how far it was from everything.

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