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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

El Nido, Philippines part 2

Woke up early the next day to the sun on my face and the rooster crowing. The two South African girls and the two Indians were already packing to do their island hopping tour.

It was my plan to do the tour as well when I first arrived in El Nido but I got sunburned twice before reaching the town that I felt doing another all day swimming event would be unwise for my skin. So unreluctantly, I decided not to do the island hopping tour.

Instead, I spent the day under the shade at the beach with Yannich and his friends and just read a The Lost World by Michael Chrichton. It was a perfect way to spend the morning and really enjoy the beach.

Around 11am I headed back to the campsite, packed up, and headed to the bus terminal for my journey back down south.

The trip back took a whopping 7 hours this time, I am not sure why. Maybe the time, the type of bus, or the amount of people? I'm not sure. But it took forever. Fortunately I had a book to read and that covered most of the time. Stops along the way also helped keep my mind busy.

When I finally reached Puerto princesa again, I headed directly to my new hostel. This time I got a hostel in front of the airport. For about the same price as Telofila Pension, Islands Stay Hostel is arguably a better value. Not only are you close to the airport, but your directly next to the only semblance of nightlife there is in the town.

I went out for a quick bite and a drink or two but other than that, not much. To be frank, my time in Puerto Princesa was quite lonely. All the hostels I stayed at were built like a hotel and didn't have a common area for people to hang out at. When they did, the areas were dead.
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