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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Singapore part 1

Boarded the plane in the morning towards Manila and then transferred planes to Singapore. I was a bit nervous that my initial flight would be delayed and I would miss my Singapore flight but everything worked out perfectly.

The flight to Singapore was smooth, I slept through 80% of it and when I awoke I spent the remaining time playing Suduko.

Singapore feels like such a huge change from the Philippines. For one, the country seems more developed in the infrastructure.

Having been on various other rail systems, it was simple to understand Singapore MRT map and I made my way into the city easily.

I stayed at Five Stone Hostel my entire time in Singapore. It's a really nice place: clean, fast wifi, decent breakfast, lovely community area, and friendly staff. The hostel is also located in the center of everything.

Landing in Singapore around 6pm and getting to the hostel by around 7pm meant I had very little time to meet people and make plans for the new year, but somehow I did it. Outside the hostel, I ran across two Australians drinking and struck up a conversation. We got along fine and I decided to explore some bars with them. Their names were Alex and Max. We decided to head down a few streets to get some drinks. We met some young girls named Elaine and Amelia.

Later, we headed to the bay and watched the fireworks. As expected, everywhere was packed.

We tried to make our way back to the livelier areas after the countdown but the crowds and road closures made it almost impossible.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed that we didn't end the night at some bar or club, especially since we had free tickets to a nice club, but I was also grateful that I spent the new year with somebody and not alone that it didn't linger long on my mind.

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