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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Singapore part 3

In the morning I made my way to MacRitchie Reservoir park.

The highlight of the park was the hike behind the park entrance that goes above the tropical forest and to the tree walk bridge.

In all, the hike was about 10-12 km round trip. I was surprised to see monkeys running about.

Halfway through the hike it started raining really hard. Fortunately for me, I brought an umbrella and wore swim trunks. A lot of people on the hike did not have umbrellas so they were simply caught in the rain and were stuck under a tree.

When I returned back to the hostel, I quickly showered, cleaned up my motorcycle burn, and headed back out to meet with Fang.

Fang was someone I contacted on CS to show me around town. I think the thing that surprised me the most about her initially was how fast she walked. I'm normally a fast walker so when I found myself trailing behind her as we walked through the Botanical Gardens, I was surprised.

The speed of her walking aside, she was nice to spend an afternoon with and you can tell that meeting visitors is something she enjoys doing. She was very flexible with what I wanted to do and easy to have a conversation with as well. Very articulate. One of the places that she took me to that really blew my mind was Orchard Row. Orchard Row is where the shopping district lies and man were the malls impressive looking from the outside.

Around 7pm we parted ways and I headed back to Bugis station where I met up with another local named Boon.

Boon is a geography teacher in Singapore and he took me around Bugis to explore. Despite living there for the past three days, I actually never spent much time in the area, so walking around with Boon allowed me that opportunity. For dinner we ate at this really tasty restaurant. After we just walked around and talked.

When I got back to the hostel I prepared for my trip to Indonesia.
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