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Friday, January 29, 2016

Asia Travel Expenses 2015-2016 South East Asia Trip Report

Here is a chart of how much I spent to travel to four countries: Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.

Rough Calculation of Travel Expenses 2015-2016 South East Asia Trip

PhilippinesTitleCost ($)
US ATM Withdrawal200
Plane Ticket to PhilippinesUSA-->JPN-->PHP938.42
Cebu ATM withdrawal173.99
ATM Withdrawl fees1.71
ATM Withdrawl fees1.75
Plane Ticket Manila to Cebu72.91
Plane Ticket Cebu to Palawan99.62
Plane Ticket Palawan to Manila67.26
Plane Ticket Manila to Singapore148.8
ATM Withdrawal110.82

SingaporeTitleCost ($)
US ATM Withdrawal100
Singapore ATM Withdrawal141.81
Singapore ATM Withdrawal141.81
ATM Withdrawl fees3.5
Plane Ticket Singapore to Indonesia159.6

IndonesiaTitleCost ($)
Indonesia ATM withdrawal145.14
ATM Withdrawl fees1.45
ATM Withdrawl fees1.75
Indonesia ATM withdrawal72.04
ATM Withdrawl fees1.75
Indonesia ATM withdrawal107.95
ATM Withdrawl fees0.72
ATM Withdrawl fees1.75
Planet Ticket Yogjakarta to Jakarta29.99
Plane Ticket Jakarta to Bangkok73.41

ThailandTitleCost ($)
Thai ATM withdrawal171.4
ATM Withdrawl fees1.75
Thai ATM withdrawal171.4
ATM Withdrawl fees1.75
Plane Ticket Bangkok to Japan to USA650

JapanTitleCost ($)
Japan ATM withdrawal85.16
ATM Withdrawl fees1.71
Japan ATM withdrawal85.16
ATM Withdrawl fees1.71

Misc.TitleCost ($)
Hostelworld deposit/fee10
Hostelworld deposit/fee2.38
Hostelworld deposit/fee1.02
Hostelworld deposit/fee4.59
Hostelworld deposit/fee1.38
Hostelworld deposit/fee4.99

Total CostsTitleCost ($)
Trip Total3992.35
Credit Card Signup Bonus-650
Credit Card Points-624.92
Credit Card Points-92.98
Credit Card Points-31.45
Credit Card Points-31.45
Total Cost Planet Tickets2240.01
Money spent on Non-plane items1752.34
% Trip total is from Planet Tickets56.11
Adjusted total minus credit2561.55

So to recap, in total I spent nearly 4000 dollars for this trip (3992.35). After applying credit card credits and promotions however, that total comes down to 2561.55 dollars, which just goes to show you how wonderful credit cards can be when you choose wisely.

It should be assumed that ATM withdrawals went towards paying for lodging, food, and entertainment.

56% of trip total was just on flying from country to country or occasionally, island to island (2240.01).

The remainder of my costs went to eating whatever I wanted, lodgings, entertainment...etc.

I think, I could have saved maybe at best an additional 500.00 had I considered alternative travel methods.
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