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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Yogjakarta, Indonesia part 1

Upon landing in Yogjakarta I was immediately swarmed by taxi drivers. As always, I simply waved them off and went somewhere quiet to decompress and take in my new environment.

I purchased a prepaid data card for 7 dollars which was good for one month of 3G internet. The Internet was surprisingly fast. As fast as Singapore I would say.

I asked around the airport for an idea of how much a trip into town would be and once I had a range, bought a ticket in.

The hotel I am staying at is called Adhisthana. I booked the place using my go-to website, Hostelworld.com.

The place is beautiful, however, it is not a hostel; It's a hotel.

The room I am staying in is a shared room which is similar to a hostel in that regard, but the ambiance is completely missing.

So in terms of a place to stay, Adhisthana is great because of its location and quality of facilities, but be prepared to potentially not meet as many people as you would in a hostel.

In my case though, I was fortunate. As soon as I arrived to check in, two other travelers returned and I struck up a conversation with them. Their names were Anna and Wee. Anna is Dutch while Wee is Malaysian, living mostly in Singapore. We got along fine and decided to grab lunch and a drink.

Later that night we met up with two Americans.

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