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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, Yogjakarta, Indonesia part 2

In the morning at 3am I left for Borobudur to catch the sunrise. Exhausted from the night before, I slept every chance I had in the van.

To get to the temples, you have various options. Either you can rent motorcycles for cheap and drive there yourself, you can take public transportation which is cheaper but slower, or you can sign up for a tour and a van will pick you up. The temple destination is so popular that you should be able to find a tour ANYWHERE. You should be able to sign up at your hotel or hostel's front desk or any of the various travel agencies along the street. Heck, even the motorcycle drivers will offer to take you.

Two hours west of the city, the temple was quite nice and the sunrise was beautiful. Built on a mound, Borobudur is a collection of religious stories etched into its walls.

After Borobudur, the van drove back to the city and then an additional hour east towards Prambanan. Had I known that the temples were in opposite directions, I would have opted to see them on separate days. Too much time was spent traveling between the two.

Whereas Borobudur was centered, Prambanan was spread out. Essentially a giant park, Prambanan consisted of many temples sprinkled throughout the park. To be frank, on the first temple was of any interest. When I went, the others were being renovated or fixed, and the ones that weren't were mere shadows of what they were.

Of the two, I enjoy Borobudur more but that's merely my preference.

Upon returning home, I took a break, cleaned up, and later met up with Wee, Ana, and Sara for dinner. Sara is a new addition to the hostel. She is also from the Netherlands.

Dinner was at Via via, a restaurant next door that serves western and classic Indonesian. Not quite a hole in a wall place but the quality of food there is great.
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