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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Video: MacRitchie Reservoir Park Treetop Walk, Singapore

Another update for the videos.

If you ever want the stories to these videos, just search the name of the city or country and it should bring up the appropriate blog posts.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park Treetop Walk:

Singapore New Years Fireworks 2015:


Video: Nacpan Beach, Ayala Center Rainbow Tree 1080p

Added a lot more videos to the Youtube Channel. Finished all the videos for the Philippines, Singapore, and almost done with Indonesia. Here are samples of videos that were uploaded. Most of these videos are short clips, not really vlogs. If you ever want the stories to these videos, just search the name of the city or country and it should bring up the appropriate blog posts.

Sunrise at Nacpan Beach (El Nido, Palawan, Philippines):

Nacpan Beach (El Nido, Palawan, Philippines):

Ayala Center Rainbow Tree Light Show (Cebu, Philippines)


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Picking the Right Travel Partner

Although seemingly obvious, it is critical that you know where you and your travel buddy stand when it comes to travel. I'm talking about quality of lodging, type of food you'll be eating for dinner and lunch, the kind of entertainment, stuff like that. Essentially the details. People get so caught up in the excitement of planning a trip that they often allocate insufficient thought towards companion compatibility. The consideration tend to begin and end at, "is this person cool to hang out with?"

The worst thing that can happen, and it does happen quite often, is when you get to a destination and quickly realize that your interests actually conflict with one another, to the point where compromise no longer feels like a compromise but rather a sacrifice.

In order to avoid picking the wrong travel partner, make sure what each person's budget is. That's step number one. Spending money you don't have can put a damper on your trip. Feeling pressured into spending money that you don't have because everyone else in the group is doing it, will be even worse. Next, have each person write down a list of things they would like to do. If there is significant overlap, at least you know what you'll be seeing. If you discover that there isn't much similarities, then that may signal either you will have to do day trips solo or you may have found an incompatible travel buddy. All in all, just have a thorough discussion with your friend to really understand what each party wants out of the trip.

**Although I don't have any international travel horror stories of the sort, I have had domestic travels where I went with the wrong friend.

Traveling Alone (Solo)

A question I come across quite often during my travels and back home is how I feel about traveling alone. Thus far, all my trips have been solo traveling trips. My answer every time? I feel fine.

Sure, it would be nice to have company when I travel but time and money are not luxuries that everyone possess. Even when money is not an issue, synchronizing schedules can be difficult. There needs to exists compromise when planning group trips but occasionally, situations like a small window to travel simply forces you to travel solo or risk the possibility of not traveling at all.

Furthermore, what you get out of your adventures overseas or domestically really depends on who you are as a person and what you make out of your time. Whether you're with someone or by yourself, if you don't have the temperament to identify the opportunity in front of you and take advantage of it, it won't matter how many people you're with, you're still going to have a disappointing time.

Plus, there are benefits to traveling alone. The absolute freedom of holding yourself accountable only to yourself is exhilarating. You can make plans on the fly. I can't tell you how many times I've met someone or a group of people in a hostel and joined them on their travels.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Video: Mt. Osmena and Honda Bay

Added some more videos to the Youtube channel. You can access it under the "videos" link above.

I'm not going to post all the videos I upload on the blog, but rather a select few worth giving a look.

Hiking Mt. Osmena, Philippines

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour, Philippines

If you ever want to know more about the destinations in the videos, search the name in the blog search bar and you should be able to find the post.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Video: Tumalog and Aguinid Falls 1080p

Videos added of my journeys in the Philippines. Be sure your settings are on 1080p 60fps for best quality.

Tumalog Falls, Philippines:

Aguinid Falls, Philippines:


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Video: National Museum, Manila, Philippines 1080p

Slowly piecing together the videos that I took during my travels. Hop on over to my "videos" section to check them out. Currently, I am still working on Manila.

Example Clip, Manila, Philippines:

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