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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pitfalls of Traveling

In one of my interviews for graduate school, the interviewer asked me about all the gaps in my work history. In which I replied, I went traveling, I took time off after graduating to travel. I took time off between moving states to travel, and I combined company vacation at the end of one year to travel again.

She gave me this incredulous look. Not a look of awe but rather, a look of disbelief. To which she then asked a series of biting questions on whether or not I was serious about life or my career.

This adversity is something travelers will always tackle when they return to society; explaining to someone how they could sacrifice bits of their career or personal lives for a chance to explore.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. For some people, they adhere strictly to the traditional checkpoints in life. For others, they are willing to step aside and take in the scenery. It's all subjective what you're willing to sacrifice and there really isn't a right answer for everyone.

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Finally assigned all my posts with their relevant tags. As a result, I am now able to group posts by country which I've done on a new page titled "Destinations." This will be useful for people who want a gist of the places I've been and perhaps a glimpse into my experiences in that particular country.

Additionally, sometime in June-July, I think I will plan another trip. I'm considering something along the lines of a month of traveling.

Right now, I am playing with the idea of a Northern Europe trip or a West Coast roadtrip with my dog where I'll camp and climb.

A Northern Europe trip would consist of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and possibly Denmark.

A West Coast trip would be California to Washington and possibly a flight into Vancouver.

Anyhoo, just an idea at the moment, details have not been fleshed out. I'll first figure out if I have the time and then work retroactively on the details.

Traveling to Japan?

For anyone who is planning on traveling to Japan, I always suggest using the site Japan-Guide.com

Hands down, the site is the best in terms of what to see, how to get around, prices, and what to expect. Japan-Guide is an all-encompassing site on everything there is to Japan.

So check it out: Japan-Guide


Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Updates In Progress

Things that have been updated and worked on in the background that have not been explicitly said in recent posts: video updates and tag updates.

I've been working through all my video footage and stitching them together on my Youtube Channel. By now, I should be completely done with my videos of my most recent trip through South East Asia.

Additionally, I have been working retroactively to update all posts with their proper tags so that searching for a particular post can be easier.

Here is a free stock image of NY to keep you interested.

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