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Friday, May 27, 2016

Tioga Gas Mart/ Whoa Nellie Deli AKA Mobil station

Shamelessly stolen from a Yelp review submission

Nestled right at the intersection of highway 120 and highway 395 lies a mobile station. If you have time, I highly suggest stopping by this place on your way home.


Because then, you may be more inclined to buy some of the merchandise!

But I digress, the real reason you should stop here is for the dinner, or so I've been told. Breakfast and lunch is fine as well, but dinner is where you'll be impressed the most. Small and quaint, the diner lies in the back of the mart. But don't let its size and appearance fool you, the quality of the food is top notch.

Shamelessly stolen from a Yelp review submissio

Shamelessly stolen from a Yelp review submissio
And once you fill your fat bellies, consider buying some merch at the front of the store. I bought a hat and Keira bought a handful of stickers. They are, pretty dope.

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