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Friday, May 27, 2016

Bouldering Weekend in Bishop, California, United States part 3

Saturday's plan was simple, get our butts to the Buttermilks and tackle all the non highball problems. A consensus was quickly reached between Keira and I that we were both uncomfortable with climbing such high problems with no safe way down. Now I can't speak for Keira, but I was definitely being a chicken about it. Highballs are scary man.

Once again, the drive and arrival to the climbing area was simple and unimpeded. Bishop truly felt like it was ours for the weekend.

At most, there were four to five cars when we were at the Buttermilks (see: https://www.mountainproject.com/v/buttermilk-country/105876411).

In our hubris, we attempted to do a problem that had us stumped the last time we visited. The problem was called The Womb (Birthing experience), a V1 one star.

I. Got. My. Butt. Kicked.

I had no idea how to start it, let alone fit my body in the cavity. Eventually, I had to accept that I was a failure at life and move on to other problems. To make matters worse, even some of the other problems within our skill level was a bit high, so we were extremely limited. (Edit: from videos online, I may have completely overlooked a hold which made the problem more difficult that it was...fail...)

Ultimately, I ended up doing one problem before we decided to return back to the campsite for lunch. Not much climbing was done, but we would try our luck later that day at the HAPPYS.

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