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Friday, May 27, 2016

Bouldering Weekend in Bishop, California, United States part 5

With Sunday, came the end of our trip.

Pleasantly sore from the previous day, Keira and I made breakfast, packed our tents, and packed the car. Personally, I felt we did a great job in terms of planning the amount of food we needed. We essentially ate everything we brought. The car definitely felt less chaotic now than when we first came up, trying to find any nook or cranny to shove another piece of camping equipment.

Given the time, the plan was to take it leisurely back to the Bay.

As we approached the junction of highway 120 and 395, I passed by a sign displaying route statuses. I couldn't believe my eyes. Route 120 was closed. But we had just came over it! What happened Turns out, immediately the day after, bad weather had struck the route and forced a closure. So now, we had to take the LONG way back home.

To make matters complicated, parts of the highway leading to the only available route home was closed! So, at the advice of the rangers at Crowley Lake, we took the 395 north slightly into Nevada and then south onto highway 88.

The detour was altogether terrible however, we were graced with a nice variety of scenery.

In the end, despite the long drive, we finally made it home and our separate ways. I arrived in Bishop thinking I would conquer everything, only to be humbled immediately by the rocks. Until next time cruel rocks!

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