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Monday, June 20, 2016

Return to Waterfall Cliff in Castle Rock State Park, California, United States

Coincidentally, a few days after my trip to Waterfall Cliff in Castle Rock, I was presented with an opportunity to go again. Of course I would take it. This time however, we would climb a different face.

Unlike last time, where I had to cross the river that runs above the waterfall as well as feeds it, we simply continued walking instead of going left at the junction of Saratoga Gap Trail and Waterfall Observation. Look for the awkward two pole wooden fence trying to keep you on path and away from the discontinued trail.

After about 5 minutes of walking, you'll quickly find yourself atop the crag. Either set up your anchor system or shimmy down to the base.

On this day, we attempted: Degeneration 10a, Putrefaction 11b, Leading to Death 5.9, and Convulsions 11b.

Most of the climbs on the south face were straightforward and fun, they were a nice warmup that offered a variety of climbing. Degeneration sort of asks you to focus on your feet, Putrefaction demands that move a little more static, and Leading to Death is just an overall fun scramble up the edge of the wall.

One problem that really gave me trouble was Convulsions. I simply could not figure out how to get past the middle. Perhaps it was a technique or strength thing. Next time may be better.

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