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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dune City and ATVs (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

As we drove further north, we eventually entered Dune City. It was immediately apparent why the city was given the name.


Sand everywhere.

Naturally, we made a stop to rent some ATVs. The place we went to rent our ATVs was called Spinreel Dune Buggy & Atv Rental, located in North Bend, Oregon.

Site: http://www.ridetheoregondunes.com/
Address: 67045 Spinreel Rd, North Bend, OR 97459

The cost of renting an ATV at  Spinreel ATV depends on what you're looking for. A rough idea of what it costs to rent an ATV is as follows: 1 Hour $40 $50 $60. The prices fluctuate depending on the model of ATV you choose. Those prices change once more depending on how long you rent it, as well as what type of vehicle you decide on.

Once again, those are the prices listed on the site and are simply there to give you an idea of how much to expect. I found those prices to be in-line or at least competitive with what the other ATV stores were charging in the area.

As for how long you need to rent one, I feel as though one hour is sufficient. You need at least two to enjoy the ride to the beach, but because they ask you to refrain from getting salt water on the vehicles, you really don't get much out of that experience aside from riding next to the ocean. The bulk of the ATV experience can be experienced in the dunes right across from the store, about 2-5 minutes away. That's really all you need!

So for one hour, me and Ben had a blast. There was an initial hesitation stage as we tried to find our footing riding these vehicles in the soft sand, but we both quickly got a hold of it.

Ben took to riding down the dunes a little quicker than I, but eventually I got comfortable with riding down as well.

At the end, we both felt satisfied with the experience and the price we paid.
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