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Monday, July 11, 2016

Hiking Humboldt Redwood State Park Homestead/Big Tree loop, California (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

Next on the list of stops, was the Homestead + Big Tree Loop near Albee campsite, west of the Avenue of Giants roadway.

Hiking Trail Resource: http://www.redwoodhikes.com/Humboldt/Homestead.html

Not much to say about the hike. The blogposts that I found online prior to actually leaving for the trip really sold the hike. Unfortunately, the Homestead-Big Tree loop failed to meet expectation. It's a decent hike, but mainly so because of its convenience to the Albee campsite. Other than that, there are easily way better hikes along the main Avenue of the Giants road that doesn't require you to take a half hour detour. Skip this hike if you see it pop up, especially if you plan on going to other areas within the Avenue of Giants.

After the Homestead/Big Tree Loop, we continued north.

For those of you struggling with planning what to see along the 101, I want to mention that there will be so many vista points along the way that you will want to stop at that you wont plan for. Rather than account for each and every attraction along the 101, choose a few major points in between your stops and let your natural curiosity dictate the rest, that's what ended up working best for us.

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