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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Return to Lake Quinault, Olympic National Park, Washington (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

On the way back from Graves Camp to the Lake Quinault Ranger station, we stopped by a few sights. The rain had also started to fall, heavily. Our decision to cut our hike short was beginning to look more and more justified.

The first stop that we made was a waterfall. I don't believe the falls was anything unique, it was just a waterfall on the side of the road that was amplified by the rain.

The second stop we made, was the largest Sitka Tree, or Sitka Spruce.

Was the trip to the Sitka worth it?

Only if you don't have anything better to do at the park. Under a mile of walking, it's easy to access and easy to disappoint compared to what we've seen by this point. If you're short on time, I would file this attraction away as a low priority destination.

Here's a map of some hikes in the Lake Quinault vicinity:

At the ranger station, we checked in, and took a bit of a breather. We ran across this hiker that we had met on the way into the valley. When we parted ways the day before, he mentioned that he had hiked all the way from the other side of the valley and had no ride home. His intention was to find someone to hitchhike with. There was no room in the car and I didn't want to enter in a situation where he would squeeze himself in any way possible, so I said my hello and goodbyes very quickly.

At the car, neither of us had signal to plan our day, so we did the next best thing, we logged on to the free wifi from the shop right across the road. After checking up on what we needed to do respectively, we headed out of the park and back on the 101 north.
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