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Monday, August 01, 2016

Entering Canada (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

Around early afternoon, we reached the Canadian border. Security went smoothly. The guard scanned our passport, asked a few questions, took a glance at us, and let us through.

"Ouvert" must be French for "open." As in, come on ouvert, we're open!

Get it?

Get it?

...alright, moving on.

First adjustment that we had to make, driving in kilometers! Conveniently, my car could digitally switch between miles per hour to kilometer per hour.

Soon, we entered the city of Vancouver and on towards our hostel.

With no plans in particular, we quickly looked up some hostels and picked one in the city. The area we stayed in was downtown. Turns out, it's sort of the party area and can be kind of dirty in some areas. Very reminiscent in all regards to downtown San Francisco.

The hostel that we stayed at was Samesun Backpackers Hostel. Right across is another hostel, in case this one ever fills up. Parking is weird and rather than risk parking your car on the street and get a fine, you need to find paid parking somewhere. Samesun will direct you around the corner to hotel parking.

Address: 1018 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5, Canada
Official Site: http://samesun.com/backpackers-hostels/vancouver/

Each door was painted a different country's flag!

Overall, the hostel was pretty great, within the context of budget traveling. Wireless internet was incredibly fast, the hostel had a bar inside, staff was incredibly friendly, and around the corner and all around were bars.

For dinner, we took advantage of the hostel's happy hour. 5 CAD pitcher and tacos.

We didn't do too much after checking in, mostly relaxed and catch up on what we missed on the internet.

Later that night, we went out, but it was mostly uneventful.
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