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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub, Portland, Oregon (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

From the Commons brewery, we walked down a couple of blocks to the Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub. Much smaller of the three, the Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub was still a lovely place to stop by at as well as very lively.

Official Site: https://pdxgreendragon.com/
Yelp Review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/green-dragon-bistro-and-brewpub-portland

I give the beer  availablilty and quality here 4/6 on my scale. See: http://hikerrific.blogspot.com/2016/07/willys-beer-ranking-system.html

After Green Dragon, we moved on to the White Owl to meet up with some couchsurfers, continued to Gil's Speakeasy, and finally ended on top of Portland Seafood and Grill to enjoy the view and mediocre beer. All in all, a great night of beer and making new friends.
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