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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Paradise Valley Campground, Squamish, BC Canada. (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

That night, we camped at a nearby campground called Paradise Valley Campground.

Address: 3520 Paradise Valley Road, Box 404 Garibaldi Highlands Squamish, BC V0N 1T0
Official Wesbite: http://paradisevalleycampground.net/
TripAdvisor Reviews:

The place left a great impression on me. The front office was hospitable and offered a lot of information and services. The campsite itself was clean, had a table, and a fire ring. What was most impressive about the place however was the facilities. Everything was very clean. Toilets did not smell. Coin operated showers that have hot water. A sink outside for dishes to clean and a mirror to clean your face.

I highly recommend this place for budget travelers.

Cheap too.
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