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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Hiking the Sea to Summit Trail, Squamish, BC Canada (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

The Sea to Summit Trail ended up being one of my favorite hikes on the roadtrip, right alongside the Enchanted Valley Hike.

Official Site: https://www.seatoskygondola.com/adventures/hiking/sea-to-summit-trail

Trail Description

Length:  7.5 km one way
Trailhead Elevation: -- ft.
End Elevation: -- ft.
Elevation Change: 918 m
Difficulty Assessment: Difficult
Trail Type: Out and Back, can take gondola back down

The Hike

To get here, you can either park at the Shannon Falls parking lot or the Sea to Sky Gondola Parking lot. The Sea to Sky Gondola parking lot is much bigger and right at the trailhead.

If you decide to forgo the hike, paying for a ticket up the mountain is another option. Tickets cost roughly 40CAD. See: https://www.seatoskygondola.com/store/tickets

A strenuous and varied 7.5km adventure, the Sea to Summit Trail should appeal to anyone who enjoys difficult hikes. None stop sharp incline for the first 3 km, it finally levels off into more manageable climbs. At times your climbing up stairs, at times your scrambling over rock with the aid of a rope installed by the park. The sea to summit trail is so fun. Provided your in shape enough to do it.

Along the hike, are clearly marked diamonds, updating you periodically of how much you've traveled. On this particular trail, there are 400 markers to look forward to.

And the views, oh jeez the views. They are simply breathtaking both within the forest and beyond. Simple peak out anytime your on trail and peer over the lake. As you get higher, obviously the view improves.

Once you reach the top, you'll find yourself at the plaza where the gondola drops off its visitors and a store for food and souvenirs. Nearby are a couple of vantage points and another suspended ridge. I'm beginning to suspect that Canada has a fetish for suspended bridges.

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