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Monday, August 01, 2016

Seattle and Bellevue, Washington (Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip)

In the morning we took the ferry across to Seattle. The alternative would be to drive south and then back north into the city. Driving was actually going to be my original plan, but my friend Kayvan who lived there, highly suggested I take the ferry instead. Not only was the ferry a cheaper option, it was quicker! I want to say the ferry was 8-10 dollars.

During that half hour getting to Seattle, Ben mostly spent his time playing the new game Pokemon Go while I took pictures. There are some really nice views as the boat travels to Seattle.

Upon disembarking, we made our way towards Pike Place Market.

Only to be immediately stuck in traffic.

I waited for what felt like 20 minutes in traffic before getting frustrated and leaving. I figured, if we came back Monday, rather than Sunday, there would be less people and parking would be easier. So on to Bellevue we went, to meet up with an old friend of mine.

Given that we were going to spend another night in the city, we began to look for lodgings. Once again, most places were booked, because of the sport event that was happening in town that weekend. Either everything was booked or whatever was left, was too expensive.

Finally, we found a vacancy at the Red Lion Inn in Bellevue for 150 a night. The place was one of the more expensive stays that we had on our trip so far, but I felt we had very little options given that we wanted to stay near the city.

When we arrived at the hotel, we couldn't check in yet; so in the meantime, we left to wash our clothes, soaked from grime and all sorts of smells that typically accompany traveling. It was at the laundromat that my friend Kayvan was finally able to meet with me. In our room, we recorded a few podcasts.

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