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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hiking Siphon Draw to Flatiron Summit, Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Trail Description

Length:  6 miles round trip
Trailhead Elevation:  2,080 ft.
End Elevation: ~ 5,000 ft.
Difficulty Assessment: Moderate
Trail Type: Out and Back

The Hike

Siphon Draw to Flatiron summit hike is a popular hike in the Superstition Wilderness that is both challenging and rewarding. As a comparable, if you are capable of hiking Camelback without difficulty, then Flatiron should be within your abilities as well.

The trail begins at the Lost Dutchman's State Park where you'll have to pay an entrance fee of around $7. From the entrance, I suggest parking at the very last lot where the Siphon Draw trail begins.

From the parking lot to the basin, it's about 2 miles. After an additional mile, you'll reach the top of Flatiron. To the basin, the trail passes through some campgrounds and is clear to follow. Only after the basin can it get a bit confusing. From the parking lot to the basin, it's about a 1000 ft elevation gain.

After the basin, you can decide whether to head towards the first summit which is an additional half hour of hiking or continue on towards flatiron. If at that point you're still physically fine and are not struggling at all, continue on to flatiron summit.

Between the the basin and flatiron summit, the path seems to increase in steepiness and at some points, requires some amount of scrambling. The elevation gain from the basin to flatiron is an additional 2000 ft.

If you find yourself scrambling of loose rocks like in the picture above, it means you took the wrong turn. After the basin, you should begin to see man-made markings on rocks to help guide you. Look for white circles on rocks (the colors may change).

But once you're at the top, the views are worth it, and is a great place to enjoy a lunch.

Trail Resources

For more information on the hike, check out these sites:

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2) http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/arizona/flatiron
3) https://www.theoutbound.com/arizona/hiking/hike-siphon-draw-to-flatiron-summit
4) http://www.summitpost.org/flatiron/151062
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