Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Thoughts on Volunteering

Of all the organizations available to me at ASU, joining the volunteer council was the most obvious.

Ever since Key Club at Westmont High School, I have been volunteering my time when possible. Like many kids at the time, I initially saw volunteering as a means of padding my college application. But as time went on, I genuinely found myself enjoying the experience. In particular, I really enjoyed events where I was physically active (planting trees, preparing lunches, moving books, cleaning...etc). I found it all very therapeutic.

To me, there were many attractive elements to volunteering aside from helping people. For one, volunteering was a time where I could be alone with my thoughts and reflect on the week's events. For another, I found the quality of people at the events to be typically high. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, the people I met at volunteering events, especially the "mundane" events (weeding, planting trees, trash pickup), were often nice individuals who had many stories to share and advice to give.

These days however, I find myself volunteering less and less. Most of it of course, has to do with the intensity of the program and how much time it demands of you. However, once I have the time, I would like to look into becoming a Big Brother or foster animals.

 Helping with weeding at the local non-profit farm

 Helping move books into the new building for the non-profit "10 Books A Home," an organization designed to offer less fortunate children an opportunity to read and interact with someone.

In front of the new building for the non-profit "10 Books A Home."

Clearing invasive species from the bay

Prepping hotdogs for the Backpack Distribution Fair for the Salvation Army. The week prior, we filled backpacks with essential school supplies for less fortunate children. We then gave them out.


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